In the end, it's 100% classic adventure.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mega Man Legends 2 PS
As a child I remember loving this game. Like I did for others, I replayed this a few years back when revisiting my old playstation years, and still loved it. Now here I am in the ps3 days, wanting to revisit that world.

ML2 Is a plain adventure game, it's that simple. It's difficult to place my finger on the charm behind this game, but it definitely has a charm.

For the gameplay, the difficulty is well balanced. It's not impossible, but it's no walk in the park either. You are armed with your buster and a side/special weapon. It's a casual method in games, but ML2 has a great balance with these secondary weapons as there are many for it's time and none greatly overpower the other. Roll is your mechanic and there is a system for creating these weapons which is well made. Along with this, she can upgrade your weapon in certain aspects so that not only can you favor a specific weapon, but you can favor ways the weapon can be used such as energy consumption(ammo), damage, range, etc. This can be done with your buster as well, but instead of permanent upgrading, you combine different buster equipment. You may either choose to try and balance out everything, or rely on something such as brute strength.

Combat is well built. Running, rolling, and jumping are each effective in their own ways of avoiding attacks. Using the combination of your primary buster and secondary weapon are balanced when fighting off several enemies, or one big boss. Reaverbots are both challenging, and fun to blow up. Bosses grow increasingly difficult as the game progresses, as each after the other you must up your gameplay a few steps.

The world of Megaman Legends 2 is big. There are many towns to loiter around in with many shops, along with many dungeons to explore. It sure knows how to give you a treasure-hunting experience, as the ruins are large, and mysterious with a dark feel. Even finding a treasure chest with little value feels rewarding. Just look up some of the osts and you will understand what I mean when I say "Dark". It is quite a unique feel in the Megaman games, but very exciting. Dark ruins will make you watch the corners like something will get you at any moment. Far from anything frightening, it's more entertaining than anything. The sound of a huge reaverbot stomping in the darkness with the chilling background music will be engraved in your gaming ears, and the sounds made by this game may just be what you remember most about this game when feeling nostalgic.

The story is good and the characters are what you would expect. Capcom has somehow managed to mix the dark gameplay with the futuristic world and the child-friendly characters into a memorable experience.

Before closing this I need to comment on something.... After beating this game your brain is worn as you are forced to get better and better against the hardening difficulty. So why in the world do you unlock EASY MODE when you beat it, along with HARD MODE!?