The awesome megaman...2?

User Rating: 10 | Mega Man Legends 2 PS
So its like this, you play as megaman (duh its in the title), and you get a ton of cool weapons to make and upgrade (duh again just like last one) but in this one they are a bit more expensive to upgrade but they are also better then the first MML series. In this you fight the old classic peoples from the first MML: tron bonne, teasel bone, and all the other bonnes, you fight the all new penguin pirates (forgot name, and yes they are penguins...or they look like it lol), and you also fight a couple of new adversaries (you have to find out by yourself, ill give you a hint, one wields cresent-like swords in both hands, the other is like a giant tank with a bunch of atks!) You start this one out by having to put out a fire in the flutter and have to make an immediate landing (darn). Eventually you get caught up to gramps and they tell you you have to find four keys...sounding similar to the first one with the 3 gate keys to the main gate yet? Anyway, you go around fighting enemies and bosses and such finding the keys right...jungle, ocean, sand, and ice. After you get all four you FINALLY get to go fight the big bad boss....oops i forgot you have to do some other things first to actually GET to the big bad boss. First you gotta learn of MM past, then you gota get in a spaceship, then you gota, gota, gota, etc... After you finish alllll that you gota beat the boss...(cheese and crackers are we finally there....GOD!) K so theres two stages (again copying the first =P) The first is pretty tricky instelf but it doesnt get challenging till the 2nd part, same as in one. After you beat the boss the two girls sarah and the other one (forgot name) have time to talk to megaman and they're alll alone while down on planet earth roll and tron are trying to figure out HOW in the world they're going to go get megaman!? Oh no it sounds like a sequel doesnt it....(dramatic music)