Instant classic.

User Rating: 10 | Mega Man Legends 2 PS
I played this game as a kid and I still love it. Playing this game as a 11-year old made the difficulty quite unbearable, because it was one of the first Megaman games I've played and it took me some time before I've gotten into the system of the gameplay.

It's a PS game, so today its graphics are far from enchanting, but the way I see it, this game has one of the most beautiful environments of all the games I've ever played. Snowy ruins, abandoned mines, devastated and revitalizing villages, deserts, underwater ruins, mysterious islands, Elysium and otherworldly stages - these are not the characteristics you're going to find in an average PS game.

The soundtrack of the game was amazing! Music is so well composed that it just has to leave some sort of impression on the player. Characters are funny, original and mind-blowing. I was so impressed how meticulously the talk-to-a-character system was built and presented.

Hidden items, Digger's Licence System, Roll's crafty development skills yielding super-weapons were astonishing. And, above all, it's not just a regular role-playing game, it's really a massive story of a really unique fantasy world.