It shares most of its elements with the first game but it adds some improvememnts and it is pretty good.

User Rating: 8 | Mega Man Legends 2 PS
Megaman Legends 2 is a pretty good PS1 action game. Its fun and simple simultaneously. Those who played the first game and enjoyed it should check this one out.

Alright first of all this game has simple controls just like the 1st one. You can use your basic buster gun which requires only 1 button to use' jump' roll' and some other things. The game has some 3rd person elements. You can upgrade your buster gun in most of the same ways and make special weapons with Roll's help. The boss battles are pretty fun' especially the battles with the Bonns just like in the first game. Just like many famous actin adventures and platformers' the game sticks alot to its previous game but with new features and levels. Well each encounter trying to get the keys to the motherlode are unique and fun. There are different bosses for each of them with their own powers. You will fight many reaver bots on your journeys and some other enemies. There are certain conditions that will harm you in the game. The aura types and their effect are listed below. These all have a temporary effect.

Fire: Keeps hurting you.
Lighting: Slows down your movement.
Ice: Keeps hurting you and slows down your movement.
Poison: You can no longer use your buster gun.

In addition to other weapons' their are other gadgets that can be used. You can use boots that can allow you to skate' a fire extinguisher' and others. You can equipt helmets' armor' and boots for extra protection.

The game has some good but not great 3D graphics. The game has some cool explosion and gunshot sounds as well as some not bad voice acting. The game is longer than the previous game and there are some things to do outside of the game that are pretty fun. The game does have a good and original storyline as well that will interest fans of the previous game.

Those who liked the previous game will like this and if not then how stupid. If you like action adventures or then you might like it as well.