An old favorite, but a very very very very lazy port.

User Rating: 4.1 | RockMan DASH 2: Episode 2 Ooinaru Isan PSP
Sometimes, an old game looks better with age. Sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes even if you have a favorite game, you have to look at it compared to other games on the platform and say "They put this on that?!?!"


Luckily, this holds up pretty well. You run, shoot, lockon, jump etc. Your normal adventure game affair. Though the mechanics are aged now a days, back in the day this was top notch gaming.

The ruins are fun to explore, though unlike the original, they are not all linked, but the main ones are suitably HUGE and feel good. The puzzles aren't difficult, and it mostly boils down to getting from point A to point B, hitting a switch to open up point C. Nothing too difficult, because the puzzles don't require new items, since you don't get them from bosses.

Then there are special weapons. You take items you find to Roll, and she can craft you some awesome items. Some let you drill to secret areas of Nino, others let you deal tons of damage, and others let you hit pesky faster enemies much more easily. Its all fun. There are so much in the game, that unless you played the old one to death, its always fun to find them.

Unfortunately, this is a 6 year old PSX game rereleased on the PSP with no updates besides the fact the remapped the controls. Could they add a new gameplay feature? Probably not, but at least update the lock on and maybe add a boss are two for fun. This is a direct port for all intents and purposes.


This suffers badly. For the PSX I thought the game looked blocky, but on PSP this game just looks bad. The characters faces animate, and some effects look good, but overall low resolution textures plague the game. It could have been so much better. On the bright side, the frame rate is stable, except when saving for some strange reason.


The voices are still in the game, but the buster and explosions don't sound all that great any more. The game has some of the best music I've heard from the PSX era, and that alone saves this score from oblivion.


Full priced PSP game at one point for a 1 dollar PSX game. Hell no this has no value with no additional content. It being portable doesn't help, sorry Crapcom, but I love this game, and I will not let you turn it into and pretend I like it because its an old favorite from another era.


The story is good, but its not changed at all. Okay, so a port shouldn't have to change the story. But, at least in Super Mario 64 DS they made it worth while for old fans of the original. This game is unchanged in anyway, hurting the tilt. Only old fans would appreciate this game, and old fans have already played this exact game.


I love Legends and Dash. I'm the head of a 3D fan game project for MegaMan Legends. I love this series so much, and it just gets crapped on after two excellent ports of other series. I'm so furious with Capcom right they should have never have made this game. This game is not worth it, unless you want to support Dash series by giving Capcom money through it, even then its a disgrace to pay for this.