The most classic compilation ever.

User Rating: 9 | Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS

Let's judge this for the collection itself and how much effort was put into making this worth the money. In a world where downloading an emulator with a ROM for a game that could run on a calculator it's not so easy to make profit. Also, in my humble opinion, if there is one game company that does deserve to be ripped-off is Capcom, so why is this a big deal?

It's a big deal because it's god-damn Mega Man. You should know by now but within these 6 games gaming history was forged. It doesn't really matter when you were born or if you're part of any of these recent shameful newer generations, these games are classics that should be played by anyone who might take their time to call themselves a gamer. They demand that kind of respect.

You should buy this collection because Capcom actually did this one thing right a while back when they developed a brand new Mega Man with the NES style, the ninth installment. After that they went on to release the tenth game only to put the series in untimely hiatus. We must let Capcom know we adore the Mega Man series the way it was meant to be played, old-school.

There's nothing really groundbreaking that can be said about the six games compiled here, they are fine ports to handheld and hold their classic status pretty well. You might find one or the other the best of the six, you might prefer some more than others; still, there's no denying that all 6 follow the formula that makes Mega Man so fun. As you play them in order you notice slight improvements like the addition of dashing in later games (from the third on). That's the preferable approach if you're new and probably how most people will decide to play anyway.

The added bonuses are what provide the solid state in which you don't feel ripped-off. There are many things to be found here, like scans from the original cartridges, boxes and manuals both from the American releases and the Japanese releases. They added dozens of bonus like concept art and stuff that were later scratched, like art for bosses that never made into any release.

In fact, one little touch that always make a difference is the fact you can choose which name you prefer, the original Rockman or the Americanized Mega Man. Thoughtful, unlike anything Capcom has ever done if you think about it. Depending on your choice you'll play the game with the desired main screen. On sound test the entire soundtrack can be played at will.

The challenges section add completely insane nifty challenges that are enough to make the most hardcore Mega Man gamer cringe. They can be completed in a range of three performance tokens and demand a lot from the player. The games known not to be a walk in the park, these challenges are core to the last atomic molecule.

You can save and restart any of the games from wherever it was the part where you stopped. The screen is cropped because of how the 3DS handles graphics, closer to 46:9 than the antique 4:3, but you can choose where it stays a black background or some wallpaper completing the screen. You can be certain, it helps.

Maybe they should have tucked the 9th and the 10th game in the to make it one of the best compilations ever created but the way it is can try a top 10. It's a NES collection after all, right? These games are timeless classics and anyone should consider at least giving them a try. Finally Capcom does something useful.