Like the other's, but a little different.

User Rating: 7.2 | RockMan EXE 4 Tournament: Red Sun GBA
Ah Battle Network 4. It is just like the others, but this game is a tad different. First off the battles are the same, face 1-3 viruses or 1 boss on a 3x3 grid and defeat them by using your buster and a 30-chip folder. What is new though are the graphics. They are a major step up from the other 4 older Battle Network games. There are tons of new chips and instead of styles you get souls from bosses you beat, but they only last 3 turns. Now Capcom decided to add the difficulty system. You first play on Normal and face version 1 viruses. Them when you beat that you move onto the Hard setting in which you must face version 2 of all the viruses and when you beat that you must do Super Hard mode where you face version 3 of the same viruses. To face the secret boss you must have all 150 standard chips. Now here comes the problem, you can’t go back to the other difficulty setting. So if you missed one, you have to that setting all over again, which can lead to some very boring story repeats. All in all this is a good game, but you are better off getting Battle Network 6.