Impossibly difficult after 3 completes, but very addicting.

User Rating: 5.5 | RockMan EXE 4 Tournament: Red Sun GBA
Perhaps the most difficult game that I own. With each completion of the story mode, the game gets harder, with its hardest difficulty being with a Duo at 3000HP. By the time you reach here, you will have used dark chips plenty of times trying to get past all of the difficult bosses and random DS Navis on the net. But, each time you use a dark chip, your HP drops by one point permanently. By the time you're doing your 12th time through, the health is basically dependant on an HP upgrade with the Navi Customizer. The virus combinations are (most of the time) extremely difficult and frustrating. While one of those bamboo viruses are penetrating your last column, a walrus thing is firing its tusks at you. But, you're busy trying to fend off the magnet virus while stuck on a sandtrap panel. At the hardest difficulty, the attacks do about 200 points worth of damage for most of the viruses. Without an AntiMagck uupgrade installed, you can easily be deleted.

Furthermore, the fact that you only have 3 turns for a "style change" really irritates me. MBN 3 was perhaps the best game in the series. At least I had great skills throughout, and the viruses were truly leveled depending on where I was. The Mettaur in ACDC 2 stayed Mettaur, no matter how many times I deleted Alpha Omega. In 4, I feel as though I'm going through the same area throughout the game. The only thing that changes is the way the attacks are delivered.

As frustrating as this game may seem, I still find myself going back to it. It may be how great it feels when I actually defeat Duo at his hardest. His attacks cover 2/3 of the battlefield (sometimes all of it), and I actually have to aim my attacks instead of just throwing out my big chips, which I usually use when quick moving viruses are all over the field.

I wouldn't suggest this game to someone that isn't skilled at Netbattling from the start of the game. I had great practice with 3, both with the Secret Area and friends that had the game. Without that practice, I would probably have stopped playing before I reached the Red Sun/ Blue Moon Tournament.