Megaman Blue Moon Battle Network 4 Battle, Execute, ..... NO

User Rating: 6.5 | Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon GBA
It was all good in the beginning, though many thoughts were annoyed by the "controlled" story in the story. The battle chip use was pretty bad to say at least. Though, because of that, I know many of my friends went on gamefaqs for battle chip codes (I still own them though), and that made the game less complicated. Also i can tell people get angry when they don't get their tournament lineups. I got the game because I heard the other games were good, but this is just SAD. The battle combat made me happy until I beat the game. Don't get your hopes up on destroying viruses, some of the dialogue made me feel hypocrite (sorry if i spelled it wrong), "HEY, don't kill those viruses! They didn't do anything!". Ya......, says the one who kills 1000 viruses each day. I should of rented first. Though, I wasn't really a Megaman fan anyway.