This is not your average Megaman battle network game. It's a lot worse.

User Rating: 4.5 | Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon GBA
The graphics didn't change except for smaller people. Nothing more to say there.

The sounnd was changed in the start up menu. It sounds a lot worse.

The tilt is the same. Nothing to write about there.

The gameplay in this is just a disgrace to MMBN games. They replaced the suits that you get like the lava, grass, and electric etc. They replaced it with these gay souls that don't even help you in battle. I know this sounds like my only complaint but also, the puzzles are just down right boring, hardly anything for Lan to do, and the gameplay just doesn't hold up as it should.

The value is overall terrible if your a fan of the series. You will waste $10-20 on a game you won't even play. Don't get it. Even the multiplayer in it sucks. I don't know why but like I said the gameplay doesn't hold up for me.