Great game but could be better.

User Rating: 9.9 | Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon GBA
Megaman Battle Network 4 for the Gameboy Advance is very fun and addicting to Megaman fans everywhere. Background: Return once again to the cyberworld! You play as Lan with his trusty partner Megaman. If you played the other Megaman Battle Network games, you would know about PET's and how Lan's world is, etc. If not, buy part one, this game is not for you. The basic story is that there is evil brewing in the cyberworld so it is up to Megaman and Lan to stop whoever is behind this. Gameplay: In the real world, all you basically do is explore and enter tournaments, not much fun. The real action is in the cyberworld. You control Megaman and you need to destroy viruses in the cyberworld. You battle viruses on a 3 by 8 grid. Half of the grid is yours while the other half is for your opponents. You can destroy viruses by using Megamans mega buster or using battle chips. Each battle chip has different effects. Some can be swords while other are bombs. You need to maneuver Megaman and use his abilities to delete, or destroy, opponents. Control: Very easy to get the hang of this game, nothing hard. Buy or Rent: Buy it! There is hours of fun and a lot of extra things to do after you beat the game.