a greate collection!

User Rating: 8.9 | Mega Man Anniversary Collection GC
hi. this is my reveiw of megaman anerversery for gamecube. (note im am revewing this like this game was brand new not to todays standerds)

Graphics:9.0. at the time these graphics were awesome. the emulation was perfect on the garpichs. their are some games that have some poor grapichs. but most of them are good.

Sound; 7,0. agian at the time the music was good. but not all of the tracks are good. this 7 if for the good music

Gameplay:8.0. the same as anyother game to thouse that have never played a mm game you bacicly pick a stage go thrugh the level then you fight a boss. when you kill him you get his wepon. and you do the same thing agian with another level..

value10.0: the value is perfect 10 games for $15 bucks? amzeing expesally at a time when nintendo is brave to sel nes games on the gba for 20 bucks.

overall this is a great collection i highly recomend this game to all.