Buying this you will get 10 games, including some of the best plataforming/action games ever. What more to ask for?

User Rating: 9 | Mega Man Anniversary Collection PS2
The classic Mega Man franchise includes the games 1-10 plus Mega Man & Bass. This compilation contains games 1-8 plus 2 arcade games. This is in fact a great deal, since the greatness of some of the games shadows the problems some others.

The graphics from the NES games are fairly good, having good detail on screen and nice backgrounds, but when there is too much on screen there is some slowdown, and the art style in 6 is quite simplistic, not to say the the boss design just kept getting weirde with each instailment. The graphics for 7 (16 bit) are very good, being really polished and colorfull, but 8 (32) seems like it dosen't take much advantage of the full potential of what the PS1 could do, but still looks nice, and with some interesting bosses. 8 also has anime cutscenes, which look very nice in general 3.5/5

One thing the franchise always delivered is sound, as the games have all great soundtracks, specially 2, 6 and 7. The only problem in the sound departament is the voice acting in 8, which is god awful, but it's one of the ocasions of so bad it's good. 4.5/5

The game is a compilation of plataformers. In all them you play as Mega Man, in a quest to defeat 8 robot masters and defeat the evil Dr. Wily. It is notihng special, but, who plays Mega Man for the story. The games are kinda run and gun, since you go from left to right, killing enemies till you reach the boss. The gameplay of all titles is solid in general, and the games have been emulated all very well. The only problem with the compilation is that some of the games in the series aren't that great. 3, 6 and 7 all have uninspired levels and bosses, and, while 3 is fun still, 6 is just too a carbon copy of the other games and 7 is not fun, with Mega Man being too slow and having horrible sound effects. However, the series also has some fantastic games, mainly 2 and 8, which are some of the best plataformer/action games ever, having great level design and power ups. There are also 2 bonus games, 2 arcade games where you fight one on one battles with some of the bosses of the franchise. They are very simple, but quite fun to play in small doses. To sumarize, the good games balance the bads, since you can completely skips the ones you don't like. 4/5

Mega Man Anniversary Collection is a welcomed addidtion in any gamers, since you will have some really fun times with most of the games, but be aware that some of them aren't that great.

The good:
-Graphics are generally very good
-Music is outstanding in all the games
-Gameplay, specially in 2 and 8, is really fun
-Bonus arcade games are quite fun
-If you don't like one specific game, you can simply never touch it and play the good ones

The bad:
-3 is not that great
-6 and 7 are bad