It doesn't get much more nostalgic than Mega Man.

User Rating: 8.3 | Mega Man Anniversary Collection GC
Mega Man has been around for years. It's adored by millions of fans and it should be. Now we've got all of the best Mega Man games on one disc and needless to say it's awesome.

All the Mega Man games pretty much play the same. You've got a select number of bosses you must defeat. One of the bosses is the easiest and will die rather quickly and then you use his power to defeat the next person who is weak against that power and so on. It's been like that for years and it never gets old because the experience is so rewarding and that's why Mega Man is so loved. These games are old and they're on the NES so they're graphics aren't that great. They're blocky and not detailed that much but you can't really complain that much because they're on the NES. The later games such as Mega Man 4-6 look great because came out near the end of the NES' life. After that they moved on the SNES and those games look great. Mega Man 8 is the best looking of them all. It's on the PS1 so that's why it looks so great for a 2D game.

Sound wise the game is well, NES. The beeps and bops you've come to love are here and nothing sounds different. The later game start to sound better but it never really stands out.

This compilation has 8 Mega Man games on it plus 2 more never before released in America arcade games. So these games will keep you playing for a while.

I'm a huge old-skool Mega Man fan and this compilation is a dream come true. If you consider yourself an old-skool gamer then you better pick this one up. It doesn't get much better than Mega Man.