A game collection containing the "Glory Days" of Mega Man

User Rating: 9 | Mega Man Anniversary Collection PS2
It seems as though that Classic game collections of Sonic and Mario have retreated to bargain bins and low prices for used copies. Mega Man Anniversasry Collection doesn't go back to just the 90's, but all the way back to the NES era, with the Blue Robot's debut.

Graphics: Graphics can be very crisp and beautiful, in the later games, but for the most part, the graphics can seem primitive. Though I feel that this is a good thing, considering that this game collection has given a resounding, middle finger to the pretty graphics and hazard physics of today's graphical standard. 8/10

Story: There were once 2 scientists, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. Dr. Light made robots for the good of mankind, and was loved for his genius. Dr. Wily became jealous of Dr. Light, and reprogrammed 6 of Dr. Light's robots to do his evil bidding, which would later become Dr. Wily building 8 robots of his own. Dr. Light's 2 remaining robots were Rock and Roll. Rock had a strong sense of justice and volunteered to be transformed into a fighting robot, now known as Mega Man. Though in Japan, his name was Rock Man. Capcom is bringing us back to the time that this kind of story was beloved by all. 10/10

Controls: The controls are Top-notch and very simple. X to jump, square to shoot. Simple as that. There really isn't much more to say about the controls so... moving on... 10/10

Difficulty: People who are just starting to play Mega Man games will have a tough time navigating levels, considering that a lot of stages have very good level design, but can be difficult to to enemy placement and falling platforms. Luckily, the game comes with an easy mode, for people who are just starting Mega Man and need an easier time memorizing enemy patterns and level designs. 8/10

Entertainment: The game is very fun to play. The only thing it suffers from is a lack of replay value. Once you've beaten a Mega Man game once, there really isn't a point to go back, unless you've only beaten it on easy mode. One thing to note is that you no longer need to write down passwords, because the game has a save feature. If you beat a certain boss, or complete a certain level in one of the 10 games that the game contains, you get an unlockable, such as concept art, music, and even an episode of the hilariously cheesy cartoon! Another thing is that you can switch an option to "on", and during some levels, a remixed track of the original song will play. Though I think it's weird that not all of the levels even have remixed tracks. 9/10

Overall, this is a must-have for anybody who has an NES, but doesn't have the Mega Man games. You get more than you paid for with Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Mega Man Anniversary Collection gets... 9/10

Good and Bad
+10 games for the price of 1
+Great Controls
+No need for camera problems
+Awesome 8-bit music
+A New easy mode for beginners
+Remixed music sounds pretty good
-Mega Man 8's god-awful voice acting