Mega Man Anniversary Collection is a must have for any Mega Man junkie looking for the original 8 games! With 2 secrets!

User Rating: 10 | Mega Man Anniversary Collection XBOX
Mega Man Anniversary collection hit the PS2 and GC in 2004 but it didn't arrive on the Xbox until 2005! Which is the version I'll be writing about! Mega Man Anniversary collection is a truthful must have for anyone who is a true hardcore Mega Man classic junkie! The games included in this piece of gold are The first original 6 Mega Man Games on NES! Ported in perfection! The game also features the seventh entry on the SNES and 8th entry on the Original PlayStation video game home console. Not only does this game include the first 8 original classic Mega Man games it also features to Mega Man fighting arcade games never before seen in the USofA! This game is truly great for any Mega Man fan looking for a real challenge this game is very difficult! Mega Man Classic Anniversary Collection gets a 10/10 Perfect in every single way!