Mega Man 9 Mystery Secret Revealed?

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Hey, I was watching some pop fiction and became really fascinated by this mega man 9 "secret". As I was re watching the video, looking for little changes in levels, I noticed one little change but not sure if this could actually be the secret. Now just to let you know I have never played Mega man before, I have no idea about characters, enemys, etc.. so if this is not the secret please do not make fun of me, thanks. So as in the pop fiction video, they said something about getting 15000 screens or higher and I saw a little change as shown in the image below. Now I don't know if this is the secret everyone is dying to know, personally I think this is a normal enemy in the game (like I said above I have never played Mega man) and this is NOT the secret but I don't know so that's why I'm posting it here. So please any Mega Man gamers tell me if this is the secret or a normal enemy.
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It's a met that it disguised as a 1-up, they are a recurring enemy in the game. so no.