decent game just to easy

User Rating: 7.5 | Mega Man 8 (Anniversary Edition) PS
the original blue bomber makes his debut on sonys playstation in megaman 8.

The story in this game is that a certain type of energy known as evil energy has landed on earth. After receiving a message from dr. light megaman heads off to an island to investigate where the energy came from there he sees a damaged robot named duo and dr. wily megaman leaves duo to dr. light as he chases dr. wily.

The graphics for the game are decent all of the backgrounds and characters are colorful the game is set in 2d which is a usual for megaman games The stiory is told through a series of anime like cutscenes and there are no graphical flaws and thats about it for the graphics.

The gameplay for megaman eight is the same as the first seven you choose a robot master get to his lair defeat him and use the power you gain from him against another robot master. The controls for the game are good no problems controlling and responsive buttons. The level design was ok some good and some bad. The main problem is that it is to easy.

The sound effects are good the music is good the only problem with the sound is the horrible voice acting.

Megaman 8 is a good game and is fun but the main problem is that the game is to easy its giood for anyone new to the classic megaman series and a good way to start as this is the easiest of the entries so far