The most underated Mega Man game in the franchise!

User Rating: 8.5 | Mega Man 8 (Anniversary Edition) PS
If your familiar with the past 7 Mega Man games then you know the drill. Dr.willy builds 8 master robots to take over the world and its up to you, Mega Man, to stop him...nothing new.

Gameplay & Visuals:
1st the controls. The controls are very basic and famliar to any Mega Man fan so nothing to worry about if you want to just jump right in and experince this fantastic game. Now most Mega Man fans dont really like this game becuse one of the things that made the franchise sooo famous changed, the game is awfuly slow. But not too slow to feel boring and after a while maybe for the first hour you will get used to it, trust me itll feel as challenging as the other past Mega Man games. Also since the game is slow the enemy A.I is more accruate when they shoot projectiles at you but easyer to kill since they are slow as you but sitll a challenge when a hord of enemys attack at once. While playing you will experence the feel for each level you pick. Each of the levels theme is well done and some what unique, and thats the best part. I know yes other Mega Man games did this too but the levels for the next gen (at the time) were more interactive than the past games right down to the water textures in some levels that have it also its considered to be the best looking Mega Man in the series. The boss's, as always, challenging and hard as sh*t like ushal so dont let the names like clown man distract you no matter how lame the name might be. Also if you have the Sega Saturn Version of this you get to fight Cut Man & Wood Man! I say thats a pretty cool cameo to all Mega Man fans and pretty much a bonus gift since CAPCOM celebrated thier 10th anniersry of the franchise when the game was released. Overall the gameplay and visuals is soo underated and unapprecited no one even mentions it as its even part of the franchise? Show some love and pick this up!

Now i have only 2 complaints with this game. 1st off the voice acting is HORRIBLE! I mean Mega Man sounds younger than hes supposed to be and every other character in this game sounds fine but as a Harcore Mega Man fan like my slef ofeended that Mega Man sounds sooo bad and embrassing even the TV show from the 90's sound buffer and more bad azz by comparison. Now the last thing thats wrong is the GOD FORSAKEN boss names. I mean sword man? search man? CLown Man? Oh god ...VERY LAME! Well every year Mega Man's boss names gets lamer and lamer and wow this time its just unacceptable. The last thing i want to cover is the AMAZING music score that i know every one loves. Say what you want about the game but you can not deny awsomness of the level themes thats loved by many. Even half the mega man fans frowned upon this game can not ignore the music thems resulting massive iPod and Limewire downloads. It even has 8bit remixes of the levels!