MR is a good game , wich has lots of value , and if you think that it has a childish loock , than you are wrong .

User Rating: 8.3 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
Though I have the game since launch period ( next day more exactly ) I only write its review now . Why ? I have no idea .
The game is basicly a remake of the first Medieval , but what a remake . Graphically , its not the best , but especially the characters look grate . Maybe the levels arent that greate ( graphically ) , but Dan and its enemies compensate it all .
The gameplay is good enough , just like an Action Adventure schould be . The controls are a little difficult , but you get used to it . The combat is good , and you have 2 choices : the combo combat , or the simple H&S . My favorite is the 2nd , and I promise you thats the best .
The sound is not good , its greate , the voice actings are profesionally made , and the sound is so atmospheric . Sometimes it gets a bit repetitive , but theres a small chance for that .
The value of the game is gigantic , and believe it or not , I am still playing the minigames . Also the multiplayer is good to , and there are lots of modes to it ( though I had only tried it like 3-4 times ) .
In the end I can say , that MR is a greate game , which was way down rated , and its a game , that every PSP fan , or owner schould have , because it worth it .