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User Rating: 9.5 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
What to say about MediEvil Ressurection... Perharps you know the original MediEvil for the PS1, where you play as the dead knight Daniel and you must defeat Zarok, the king's wizard... First let me tell you somthing about the name: "MediEvil Ressurection"
First MediEvil... You have capital "M" and capital "E" because the name is composed from two words: Medi and Evil... Medi comes from the word Medieval, because as you observed, you play in the Medieval Age, and Evil from the original word evil... it's pretty cool that "eval" and "evil" sound the same so they easily could made the word "MediEvil"... And now "Ressurection" is a synonym for the word reborn, so let me explain it's presence in the game's name... After defeating Zarok, sir Daniel goes back to sleep , but Zarok comes back so Daniel is "ressurected" to defeat him... The game is really cool,you have a lot of puzzles, action etc.
The only thing I don't like at this game is the very sensitive contol of the game... I say this because you have a stage were you must hunt some ducks, and so it will be pretty **** because the control is very as I said sensitive... There are great mini-games in the game, which are pretty fun... Besides them I like a lot other things, like the story which is dezvolted, making the game very long, the weapons which are varied and big like that big hammer, Gosh i like that hammer, and of course the movies. The graphics, are good, compared with the year 2008 because that was the year 2005 so congratulations Sony Computer Entertaiment America known as SCEA!!!!! You could get bored at some parts of the game but don't get dissapointed because very fast you will get your happiness back!! Play this game. I recommend it to you, I like it because it's fun!! Don't forget to e-mail me for requests at axelander@yahoo.com