Gameplay issues aside, this is a charming game that is defineately worth your time if your an action fan.

User Rating: 6.9 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
Gameplay: This game defineately feels like something out of the psone era. Its got all the major problems of a 3d action game. Bad camera. Poor hit detection. etc. Your best option is to rush in with a charged attack and swing near the enemy. Luckily, getting life back is pretty easy, as I was able to have all my life bottles filled before each level. The platforming and puzzles bit save it from being truly abysmal, but they aren't good enough to bring this game to a seven.

Graphics: From a technical standpoint the graphics aren't much better than ok, but from an artistic standpoint they are fantastic. The game manages to be very macabre but very upbeat at the same time. Very Burtonesque and well done. The character models are just fantastic.

Sound. The game has great voice acting, great music. All around around a solid performance. The foley artists really outdid themselves here.

Value: The action goes a standard length, but the minigames give it extra value and some of them are quite challenging. And you might find yourself occasionaly playing them long after you've beaten the main quest.

Tilt: I really enjoyed the game. I was able to overcome the gameplay flaws and sit back. The game has more charm and heart than most games out there. The story is well done, so when you die, you're dissapointed, and when you win, you feel elated. The end of the game is enough to make your heart swell, and in all fairness, there are few games out there that I would replay for the story alone, and this is one of them.

If you're a fan of action games, this game is defineately worth a shot.