Great Game, highly under-rated.

User Rating: 8 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
I never played the original for PSone unfortunately so this game is new to me. I really like the games humor and storyline, it actually is quite interesting and i try to watch most of the dialogues...most games i play i scroll right thru them.

I dont know what other reviewers are talking about when it comes to graphics...the game looks very detailed to me i was really impressed. very colorful schemes used and they way characters/levels look.

Okay so the controls arent the greatest...some levels involve jumping from platform to platform, i found this the most tricky todo, also in combat with monsters its hard to not get hit without using a shield...even while strafing.

Excellent sound! Im not a big fan of the music but it adds a nice touch and goes along with the game well...The humor is great and lots of jokes.

This game has been out for a while now, i paid $30 canadian for it(roughly $24US). Definately worth it!