Technically not the best, MediEvil surely has great personality, a nice story and the best humour EVER.

User Rating: 7.6 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
MediEvil Resurrection is not the first MediEvil. Well, actually it is, but it's a remake of the first one, originally released for PlayStation, and now ready to kick some zombie ass on the PlayStation Portable.

When you start out the game, a friendly voice tells the story of the Battle of Gallowmere and the mysterious return of the evil wizard Zarok. After the intro, you find yourself in the.. ur... 'skin' of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a brave soldier of the Army of Gallowmere, who participated in the Battle, but bravely, when standing before Zarok, got an arrow in his eye and died.

Well, at least, that's what everyone thinks he was. In fact, he was a lazy coward, who was forced into war and got killed within the first wave of arrows. That's what has happened a long time ago. Zarok eventually got killed, but has returned, with a large zombie-and-other-nasty-creature-army with the same intentions: gain control over Gallowmere (as dark and filthy as possible) and stop Fortesque or whatever other loser trying to save the kingdom. So, when the game finally begins, Dan finds himself in his very own crypt (of course, what would he be doing in someone else's ?), ready to go and save Gallowmere. But there are a few things you should know:

1. There lives an annoying Arabian 'genius' in Dan's head, who keeps talking and talking and talking. Of course, sometimes he tells you what to do, but I supposed geniuses were a lot more intelligent than Al-Zalam is.

2. MediEvil's strong point is the humour. Definitely. My advice: go find yourself a little sensitive sense of humour and I swear you'll go numb in ALL of the great cinematics. Best characters: Death and King Peregrine.

GAMEPLAY: Let's start with something negative. As you could see at tne Attributes on top of this review, the Gameplay isn't very good. This is easy to explain: A sometimes low framerate, A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G. camera and clumsy directional pad. Use the analog stick for somewhat better results, but still, you WILL fall off ledges you didn't want to.

GRAPHICS: Hard to describe... The visuals do have personality, despite their POOR graphical quality. MediEvil always had personality, because it was inspired by the animation movie 'The Nightmare before Christmas' by Tim Burton. Still, the graphical quality could have been better on such a great portable system as the PSP.

SOUND: Wow. No, not World of Warcraft, that hasn't anything to do with it. The sound is the BEST, B.E.S.T. aspect of the whole game. The humour ALL comes through because of the masterpieces that are the voices. Sir Dan, unfortunately, seems to have lost his voice, lol. Also, the music is absolutely great, however sometimes a little repetitive. But: ALWAYS PLAY WITH THE SOUND ON, kids. :) You will find yourself in a happy situation after watching (and hearing) the wonderfully made cinematics.

CONCLUSION: ok, here we go. Despite its technical flaws, MediEvil Resurrection is an extremely funny and original game, with a GREAT story long enough to keep you busy for some time, but first and foremost to have you Rolling Over the Floor Laughing ;)