Medievil Resurrection isn't the most intense or exciting adventure but it sure is fun.

User Rating: 7.5 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
Gameplay -
The game takes place in a evil medieval (hence the name medievil) where an evil lord named Zarok is trying to take over the world. Although the story is predictable, it brings some unique features with it. The levels and missons are pretty unique and it has a handful of great mini-games. The controls are pretty hard to get but you can customize it (I had to) if you want.

Graphics -
You'll probably see better graphics on the PSP than this game but the graphics are liveable. A found a fair amount of graphical problems in the game but they are pretty minor. Also the menus can be hard to read and confusing at times. Some of the environments look good but some of the enemies look bad.

Sound -
The sound in this game is actually quite good. It has some really good sound effects and medieval tracks but its also has some really good voice overs. The people that do the voices of the boss's or characters do quite well and keep you entertained.

Value -
The story mode will take you a fair amount of time but when your done there's still mini-games and a demo of Wipeout Pure to keep you going.

Tilt -
I like this game and it is a good time waster when you don't feel like playing any other game. But it's a hard game to recommend.