Decent game

User Rating: 7.5 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
Well there's jokes every where,tons of weapons and mini-games that might keep you busy.You start as Sir Daniel Fortesque,Coward at life he have to make amends of his past as a thinny skeleton with a genie in his exposed skull by the name of Al-Zalaam.Apparently Gallowmere is under assault by Zarok.The game have a set of melee weapons,from the most pathetic wooden sword to the almighty unlockable Woden's sword.For the range weapons include the weakest throwing daggers to the weirdest chicken drumstick.The player finds himself in a game that have the elements of what you call old action adventure gaming.Basically you have to jump alot like in the old games.But then again this IS made from the old game.This version is much less serious and much more funny.The jokes are rather straight forward so you don't need to think till your brains rust to get the joke.The camera system is quite O.K.The game is rather hard at times.Though I highly recommend those who never played MediEvil 1 to get this because those who already played MediEvil 1 in playstation might find this not so interesting.The gameplay graphics,however,is excellent.Though the movie cutscene graphics need working on(Movie cutscenes have the potential to put playstation 2 to shame,play Crisis Core and you'll know what I mean)