Its a bit of a remake... good or bad i wonder?

User Rating: 8.3 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
The game has a lot of things that it could have improved on but for me ....and this is my opionion i might add.... it was better as a remake as the first medievil(ps1). A good bit has changed such as the map and gameplay but all is still well and good. You wake up from death as an evil wizard takes the souls of the living and brings back the dead to fight in his army. You decide to get up, grab your sword,put your arm back in place and its off to save your town. The reason why ya dont decide to take the livings heads is because the evil wizard took your eye out and killed you..... not very nice now was it. Time to try and cope with the annoying creature in your head and its off to fight zombies,dragons,and possesed souls. The gameplay is preety good in places and the graphics are nice for a portable game. A good game for long journeys as you could complete it in a full day so.....! Buy it if you loved the first one and ended up losing it like me.