A perfect game's very good remake!! You shall read my review of this game.

User Rating: 10 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
The game is very good.

Let's see the negative points of the game, because there are only one-two wrong thing.

First: Why PSP? It's a good thing that we can bring Daniel to everywhere, but the game would be more better if it would be on PS2 or PS3.

Second: The Camera Man is Drunken!!!
The camera control is the only negative side of the game, because we can only turn the camera to front of Dan.
So if we would like to know, what's behind the corner, we can't.

And now the good points of the game. The game is beautiful, despite it's only a fine graphics. The game is as funny as the other Medievil games, if not funnier. We can use a huge weapon arsenal againts the hordes or undeads. The game has 18 level, but some place is not the same as the first game, and that's why we can feel if the game is different the the original game.

There are also a lot of minigames, which makes the gameplay longer. The music is very nice, some of them are from the original game.

So, the game is really good, if you want have a good time, buy this game and play it.