One of the better "also-rans" from the PsOne days lags behind almost a decade later.

User Rating: 6.4 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
Gaming evolves. They build - as more and more titles come to fruition and fame, newer games take the conventions used and attempt to add layers or alternatives to them. Each time they build to a new level, we wonder how things could really progress any more - if we're spoiling ourselves (for example, how do you build on God of War?)

This game serves as a fossil, a reminder of that transitionary period when games were just starting to come around to the medium we had today. In that way, it's actually a bit nostalgic and pleasantly so. However, after a few short minutes, the nostalgia passes and you're left with a clumsy hack and slash that feels like someone scrapped it up off the bottom of the bargain bin.

The humor's there, of course, and it's pretty funny for the most part. But we've seen the brunt of it before.

I really wish the developers had taken the time they did to upgrade the visuals and CG sequences and added that to the gameplay. Give us more frequent enemies, but a more powerful or acrobatic Dan. Give us new weapons, something.

Sadly, all we're left with is an old house with a new coat of paint.