It's almost achieves "good."

User Rating: 6.5 | MediEvil: Resurrection PSP
The game has alot of flaws, but SOME can be overlooked. The Visuals are nothing special, but they get the job done, I would have to give the visuals a solid 7.0. The gameplay I will split in two, because of mini-games. The game itself, is rather clunky, but if you have a long fuse, and won't get frustrated, then it isn't that bad. But isn't very good, just acceptable, I will give the main-game gameplay a 6.5. But the mini games are great, there are only 7, but they all have 9 challeges, and can be played with friends, also most of them are very well put together, and fun. I give mini-game gameplay a 9.0. Sound is actualy well put together. The sound-effects are on par with most games, but voice acting is good, and at times it's a little funny.(in a good way) But the music is fantastic, it has an eerie nightmare-before Christmas vibe, and I like it. I give sound a 8.0. Lasting appeal is the last category, and the game fails in most aspects, the game is long enough, but you might not want to finish it, due to it's repetitive nature. But you will come back for the mini-games for a few hours at the least. I will have to give lasting appeal a 7.0. Overall (not an average) I'd have to give the game a 6.5.