Smashing effects, Great Game play and unbelivable Warfare.

User Rating: 8.2 | Medieval II: Total War PC
The thing about statergy games these days is that they are so predictable. Medieval 2 Total War is no different. If you have played and finished Rome Total War then this game might be just a little bit disappointing to you. Reason being that it is so similar in game play to Rome Total war. Although the developers have made significant changes to Graphics, AI and a lot of other issues. You just keep wondering as you play on whats so different about ROME and MEDIEVAL 2 total war? Answer is not much. Other disappointing aspects to it is that there are no Naval battles. (Something that was available in Imperial Glory) And of course for some reason the game is quite hard to finish even in the easiest level. But still this game gets a good 8/10 for me as it still is a great game filled with epic battles, great graphics and of course the fact that it keeps filling you up with that feeling you get as you slaughter countless enemies to become to supreme ruler of all of Europe.