Forget Shogun 2!! Get this instead.

User Rating: 10 | Medieval II: Total War PC
I played Medieval 2 since it's release, then played Empire since it's release. Recently bought - on it's release - the massively hyped and over-rated Shogun 2 and got bored with that quickly.
So now i've come back to Medieval 2, by far the best in the TW series. I think because of the time period it's set in is ideal and enables some great units to be at your disposal: from simple archers to musketeers; from mounted archers to heavily armoured, lance-wielding knights; even battle elephants enter the fray. And let's not forget the large variety of siege-weaponry at your disposal: from ballistae to Mongolian rocket-launchers.
Ok so the graphics may look a bit dated compared to tha latest offerings from CA but i think they feel a bit more solid and you can see the action a little better - as i lke to zoom in and watch the scrapping close up .Empire's in-game melee combat was shockingly bad, with guys skating about or doing nothing most of the time (although the naval combat was awesome) and Shogun 2 looks so shiny and fast with no discernable difference between the factions and units (plus that awful camera shake), you can't really see what's going on clearly.
Come on CA!! Let's have another Medieval (or Rome) - make something interesting not shiny!!