this game is one of the fwe games that one cant stop playing. go and try it out. Who doesn't what to fight with knights.

User Rating: 9.9 | Medieval II: Total War PC
this game has all the aspects that make a next generation game. the graphics, the game play, and its addictive features. one has to go buy this game to experience the history of the medieval era. To play with the ancient superpowers like France, Germany, England, The Turks is what makes it the best rts game of the year right next to Rome: total war. The game has the sound to make it a great and dramatic game to play. Having the computer connected to a sound system will make the game experience the best in the world. One has to play this game. All games will be different for the reason that you will control all the relations with other rival nations. Create allies, break alliences, attack your rivials, create total war.