This one moved me... EA delivers an inspiring, realistic, modern first person shooter. That brought a tear to my eye...

User Rating: 10 | Medal of Honor X360
Id like to start off by saying that I have never been so touched by a game throughout the years. I am a hardcore skeptic of military shooters, I absolutely loath the whole Call of Duty franchise that most of you worship. Being a skeptic of the military, as well as military based games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, I wasnt expecting much. All I knew was that this game had a pretty substantial following, and would be a nice addition to my game rating pile. I drove 30 miles to rent what I thought was going to be a let down. 3 days later I purchased my new all time favorite game. Here are the Highs and Lows for Medal of Honor. **READ FURTHER AT YOUR OWN RISK, POSSIBLE SPOILERS**

The Highs: First and foremost the story. Although at times choppy, the story can pack a punch and is simple enough for a simple man like me to understand. There are quite a number of "cinematic" moments throughout the game. The most noteworthy being you and your fellow soldiers have been forced to fall back through the hills and into a worn down house, The hills where you just came from are now swarming with "bad guys". RPG's are breaking down the walls forcing you and your fellow soldiers to crouch and get down further and further. Everyone is running low on ammo, support is on its way, but it wont make it in time. Just before the surrounding sea of hostiles close in, an onslaught of bullets coming from to helicopters rain down upon them, saving you and your allies. This scene creates so much tension, through its visuals and dialogue, just how a real movie should do. The arsenal of weaponry to slay opponents with is fun to experiment with, but at the same time realistic sounding, whereas games like Call of Duty take pride in being over the top. And before you obsessive COD fanatics give this review the thumbs down, consider this. Just how realistic is going over 60mph on a snowmobile while firing rounds at multiple enemies who are also on snowmobiles, AND WINNING?!?! If you have no clue what im talking about go and rent Modern Warfare 2. Anyways, i got a bit off-topic there. Back to Medal of Honor. The most inspiring part of the game was the nice little tribute it had at the end of the game, to all of our soldiers. The tribute combined with the end of the story is what brought a tear into my eye. The sound effects throughout the game were perfect and helped to establish the mood of the different situations.

The Lows: Honestly, not much to say here. The graphics were pretty rough in spots, but for the most part realistic. Campaign left me wanting more, as it was pretty short in length. And lastly even Hard Mode was a bit on the easy side, could use more of a challenge.

Overall: This game has managed to change my opinion of the military, and maybe if i wasn't such a baby, i would even join. The men and women who decide to join our nations armed forces selflessly pass by the many safe opportunities for a happy life that our country presents. This game is in their honor, and god bless them for keeping our country a safe and free place. Medal of Honor earns a 10 out of 10.