Medal Of Honor returns. How does it fare?

User Rating: 8 | Medal of Honor: Warfighter PS3
Medal of Honor has been a long running series FPS. It makes it's return, Warfighter this year after what has been a mediocre release on 2010. This review will make some comparisons to other shooters and how it fares on it's own.


It is a hit during daytime, the graphics running on frostbite engine is great. Your weapons looks really nice with all the customisations. The environments are pretty detailed with destructable wooden planks and some covers but note unlike battlefield 3, you can't destroy walls and it's realistic because it's a infantry game without tanks, so you wouldn't want too much destruction as emphasize are more on taking covers.

The graphics during night time is a little disappointing. While I have no idea why this happens. I have realized other shooters like MW3 doesn't have much night time also, perhaps they've all achieved the same results, in that the graphics didn't looked too good during night time. Nevertheless, the developers went on, in fact, a lot of missions in the infantry takes place in the night/ midnight when people are mostly not awake.

The rendered graphics during cut scenes are really awesome, you can see the efforts the developers spend time with them. The main charactor, the daughter and wife together with the other ops personnel looked really good


What's most important in a shooter, is it's gameplay, because it determines how much you would enjoy and spend time on it's multiplayer.

Single player campaign takes on real life event during Tier 1. The story is pretty generic, a bombs happened in the city and you track down the producers of these explosives, it takes the team around the globe finding the culprit and giving justice to those killed.

What I really liked was how they approached doors, not only are the gunners really tactical, there's a bunch of different methods to approaching it. Such as kicking the doors, or placing strip charges on the doors, wait for it to explode and throw a flash grenade, enter and kill the target before they recover, it's a highly realistic tactic developers have placed great emphasize on.

Glitches are almost everywhere but they are never ground break, sometimes it takes me to restart the check point and get things right on track again. There are many weapons to customise but during single player, you're quite limited to the main weapon you're holding on to. You could pick up enemy's weapons but they replaces your secondary pistol that has unlimited rounds. But once you switch out of the picked weapon, you go back to your default main and pistol.

The campaign took me 7hours, it's very decent length for a first person shooters. There are multiple difficulties and you could revisit the campaign once the developers have iron out most bugs and glitches, the game would be a lot more enjoyable.


It's safe to say it's a mix of COD and Battlefield. While not as intense as COD, it's neither as big mapped as battlefield. What results is a different experience from both games, you get the correct mix of tactic play together with excitement.

You're mapped to a buddy throughout the multi-player unless there's insufficient players. This is the deal of the game, follow ur buddy around or lead around and you will find much perks to that. It's really great teamwork and sometimes ill just add the player into my PSN.

Tons of different gameplay, from capture the flag, team deathmatch etc. There's a lot of priority on teamwork here. The maps at this points feel pretty varied and large enough to go around areas and not as restricted as in MW3.

The bad things though are the glitches, bugs and the framerate at times.People spawn in the skies, below the ground and wait for gravity to kill them, While it does happen, the gameplay is still fun and addictive to those who learns the curve of it.

Lots of customisation, from different countries' weapons to the types of optics. Each gun has a different feel to it and how you customise your gun add to the little things like accuracy and agility you move.


Weapons, explosions has this bass to it, great. Except for some glitch to the audio.


At the point of my review, there has been some negative reviews out from certain reputable sites. I've read them and i've realised they have discredit the little things done right in this game. Sure there are bug but im sure they'll be ironed out given some time and when they do, you have a interesting game thats different from other offerings. I've prestiged MW3 quite a few times and am bored of the gameplay and this gives some different flavour to the first-person shooter in the market.

If ur a fan of FPS, do check it out. If you're just a casual gamer, you might not appreciate the finer details to be found in this game.