Medal of Honor drop in FPS

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Hi When i start running MOHWF the game runs perfect, FPS is good, game runs smoothly with no issues whatsoever. I am having full GPU usage, however 5 mins in to the game, the game begins to lag and stutter. When I turn for example it will freeze and then move only to freeze again. Even if i lower the settings I get the same problem. I am running on Gfroce GTX 460, AMD dual core, 2gb ram. Im not running the game on max settings but I cant understand why the game starts fine and then reduces. I am able to run Deux x, cyrsis 2 on ultra settings and can even run max payne 3 on nearly max. I have disabled realtek, I have a sound card. Any way to fix this or just going to have to wait for a patch.
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How's your temps? Maybe your 460 is overheating? Try to ramp up your gpu fan and make sure your drivers are up to date.