Mad at this game allready

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First off, it does not "feel" right. (Hard to explain what feels wrong) Second....Played it for a couple of hours and i am allready helplessly stuck. Usually when i get stuck i have a feeling that if i just try a little bit harder i will get it, but this time i am stuck and it does not feel like i will ever be unstuck. Lying on a table in the top of a tower with a sniper, having to take out skinnies with RPGs.. Take out the first waves with relative ease. Then the chopper is called in and i suddenly have to shoot 2 more RPG guys and fast because these are sniper-RPG guys that take out the helicopter in 0 seconds flat. Shooting high, low, left, right and hitting absolutely NOTHING and my otherwise talkative spotter dont give me any clues if i am hitting left, right, low or high.. Have retried the mission about 50 times (Had to kill the same first wave of skinnies every **** time) and ONCE i hit ONE of the 2 RPG guys. In desperation i tried lowering the difficulty but that just resets the mission completely and i have to play it from scratch. What a piece of utter poo ...
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are you taking into account bullet drop? it's further away so the bullet drop will be greater than when you were shooting at the guys with closer by I've heard people complaint about this a ton, went on to see a YouTube video of someone trying to hit the RPGs on the tower while zoomed out and centered in the crosshairs. Make sure you're using your sniper zoom too, there's 2 sniper zooms, just click on the right analog when zoomed to zoom further and again to zoom out, then where you can see the people on the tower, line the shot up perfectly, then aim a little higher, remember to click down on the left analog stick to hold your breath to keep the shot steady it's really stupid people are even saying this is a glitch
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seems like someone doesnt know how to play video games. :D