Gave me the worst motion sickness--anyone else have that problem?

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Warfighter gives me the worst motion sickness I've ever had from a game.

Played just 2 hours Saturday and was sick the rest of the day.

I guess as the graphics get more realistic, my motion sickness gets worse.  I didn't buy BF3 because I got sick in beta.  I shoulda known MOHW would do the same with the Frostbite 2 engine.

MOH 2010 I can play all day, no problem.  BF2 also, no problem.

Crysis, Black Ops, and now Warfighter all make me sick. 

I guess I'll have to stick to older games.

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whats your spec? 

if its because of low fps, you gotta upgrade your comp for smooth gameplay. 

Otherwise change some graphical settings along with vsync. refresh rate, etc.