Anyone else unable to finish LEVEL 1!!! without a total hard lock?

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I admit I have an adversarial response to EA Games, MOHAA has been going downhill since it's inception, they ripped me off for my license keys for another well-known game and all it's add-ons when I had to reformat, but this is a joke. I contacted EA support in chat. Say the words with me... "Update your drivers to the latest version". Um, yeah, I'm familiar with the script-monkey spiel. I did that beforehand. I run decent specs, an i7 3.5Ghz 8core, 8Gb ram, ATI 7800, non-crossfired, so it's not lack of hardware. So when I *show* them I've got the latest drivers, what do they suggest? Go to the EA user disgustion forums. No, not the forums where the devs might actually read something, no, they pointed me to the general site. Gamestop has already discounted it by 10 bucks. Wait till it's on sale for 30 bucks, and they actually (maybe) fix the flaws with some patches.