Oh Dear. A great disappointment

User Rating: 2.5 | Medal of Honor: Rising Sun PS2
After Airborne and European Assault I really should have learned my lesson, but no I decided I would give Rising sun a go and what a terrible experience it was

The Good: The Japanese look really impressive
The Bad: Everything else

This game throws you straight into the action as your ship is attacked at Pearl Harbour. You escape though a very helpful Tutorial with such great tips as 'Press the Jump button to Jump' Who seriously couldn't work that out for themselves?
The rest of the Gameplay is equally terrible. You can't pick up Japanese weapons, you can't move whilst aiming, There are no objective makers of any kind, The characters giving you your orders are inaudible and there are virtually no checkpoints so die and you have to do the whole level all over again.
The Graphics, apart from the Japanese as I mentioned, are terrible.
The music's bad and the characters are annoying.
Normally I try to see the best in games but there really is nothing good at all about this game and I seriously can't understand why people like it so much.
Save your money and buy Call of Duty: Final Fronts instead. It's a much, much, much better game.
Definitely NOT Recommended