Very good. The campaign was okay, but the multiplayer is just fun!

User Rating: 7.5 | Medal of Honor: Rising Sun PS2
I play a lot with my friends and family, it gets boring alone. But split screen is fun. Its also hilarious. Of course like all games, there is some ways to improve it. Like a killcam, more guns, better graphics, and other small stuff. But for a game made in 2003, it was epic. Im sure the newer medal of honor games will be right up there like call of duty and battlefield bad company. But the game was good. I have only played like 2 hours butit was extremely good to play on split screen. I havent played online yet but I think I can wait! Ofcourse I wasnt expecting like a MW2, Bulletstorm, Halo 3 or BFBC2 style game, but I was expecting a little more. Its great in all, but could use more "Paa-Zaaz" I guess you might say. I defiently would reccomend playing this game. Its fun and unique in its own way.