Better than you would expect...

User Rating: 9.5 | Medal of Honor: Rising Sun GC
Before I got this game, I did hear about what everyone was saying about it. I played it with, I do admit, some low expectations. But, I totally left my guard down. This game was really great. I'll even say it is slightly better than Frontline.

Rising Sun puts the player in control of a Marine, Joe Griffin. The game opens with him as he helps the rest of the U.S. soldiers defend themselves from the Japanese as they attack Pearl Harbor. The rest of the game follows him as he and his allies attempt to stop the Japanese from stealing gold.

I know what you're probably thinking... Why do I like this game? Well, to be honest, it actually had a bigger cinematic feel than Frontline. I'm not saying that Frontline was a bad game, I'm just saying that Rising Sun feels more like a movie. Yes, the game does have a couple of problems, like poor AI and a rather linear game design. But, besides that this game really works. It's not as bad as say any other shooter game that got bad reviews, but it's an entertaining one.