Easily the best of MOH series, graphics and historicity on par with COD series. Highly recommended historical FPS.

User Rating: 9.5 | Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault PC
What I particularly liked about this entry in the MOH series is that it feels historically more accurate than any of its predessors mainly because your alter ego (Pt Conlon) is involved in plausible missions (with one very notable exception).

The other MOH games have, in my opinion, too much in the way of "behind the lines/SOE" type missions ... when considering how your hero in those games does amazing (James Bond like) things behind the lines in Norway, blowing up submarines, infiltrating German battleships, etc and THEN getting posted back to his regular unit ... one does wonder.

The narrative of MOHPA is easily the best in the MOH franchise (so far) as you take part in the journey Pt Conlon undertakes fighting in some of the key engagements of WWII in the Pacific. Previous MOH titles were very much mission focussed without an overarching storyline, here you get a back story and character development.

In MOHPA we do get to experience the beach landings, claustrophobic jungle warfare, banzai charges, tunnel complexes, etc that give a good feel for the Pacific war. Sadly, but fortunately only once, MOHPA does depart from this "realism" during the "Flyboys" mission ... frankly it seems an unneccessary aside from the main thrust of the game ... I would rather have had another "real" mission than fly around in a torpedo bomber trying to sink Japanese ships ...

I particularly enjoyed the missions traversing swamps and night firefights ... it was reminiscent of Men of Valor (MOV, set in Vietnam) which I was playing concurrently. Both these games evoke the atmosphere of jungle combat very well.

Graphically MOHPA is on par with the COD series games, the other MOH games seemed lacking in that department. Like all games there were a few glitches along the way but nothing fatal or unrecoverable given the many opportunities to save the game. In many ways MOHPA seems like a Pacific theatre version of COD2 and the use of a summonable medic (number of uses is limited) to restore health is so far the most "realistic" health mechanic I have encountered.

Enemy AI is reasonable and (unlike MOV) your AI squadmates actually do assist you with providing cover and only occassionaly end up blocking your intended movements or line of fire. I did not really use the squad commands so it's difficult to say whether MOHPA is more of a tactical shooter ... but it was helpful at times in giving some direction to your squadmates.

OVERALL: Easily the best of the MOH WWII FPS franchise. If you enjoy a good narrative, excellent graphics and solid gameplay and are by now more than happy to escape Normandy and the Bulge then get this game. Highly recommended ... it can be found in many retail stores in Australia in the $9.95-$19.95 price range.