One of the hardest and most engaging sequences in the Medal of Honor series.

User Rating: 7.5 | Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault PC
After the Allied Assault trilogy, Pacific Assault once again puts the Medal of Honor series on form. Well, if Allied Assault is a nod to Band of Brothers, then this game is the equivalent for The Pacific mini-series.

Other than putting you through the true encounters in the Pacific theatre-of-war, the punishing difficulty is quite real too, even in the normal campaign. Loading becomes a mainstay, and you'll notice its time-consuming "feature". What makes the game real hard is that the enemy AI has a powerful instinct and almost bloodlusting urge to hunt "you" down and put "you" down as compared to the rest of your teammates. And sometimes, your teammates don't really respond to "your" commands despite the game giving you the authority to, making ambush decisions sometimes impossible.

Talking about game difficulty, some of the hero moments are also hard to achieve without a bit of help from guides, especially the plane shooting ones. Most of the hidden objectives are as impossible to discover unless you have the guides to refer to. Putting the nagging aside, the game does give you a wide variety of activities to do, like sabotaging, anti-air defense, dishing out artillery bombardments and a little far-fetched this time, dogfights. Yes, it's like switching to Ace combat for a while. Next thing you know, your character can level up... nah.

You'll notice the lush and detailed graphics, as it comes with a steep system requirement. Sound is wonderfully produced and accurate as usual, though it makes the *** weapons sound and feel quite weak though, except for the sniper rifle. I'll recommend this to anyone who loves WWII shooters, but be prepared to face hundreds of reloads.