Medal of Honor Pacific Assault brings you closure to realistic WWII action as ever before.

User Rating: 8 | Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Director's Ed. PC

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is a good, solid First Person Shooter game set in World War II in the Pacific. Where you play the role as US Marine Tommy Minoso while he teams up with his fellow marines in Historical missions throughout the Pacific. The game starts off with the introduction where you fight in Tarawa and then it cuts into a Cinematic before going into training, and learning various weapons through a shooting range. You get to play in the Pearl Harbour bombing where you get to rescue people and shoot down some Japanese planes. The CG takes footage from the old black & white cinematic events of World War II Pacific war.

You get to play as a team in both single player missions and in online multiplayer when a teammate calls to move forward, fallback, or cover fire. Instead of finding health packages all the time, you get to call the Corpsman to fix your wounds up if your health meter is low. So the AI looks very nice and more realistic for this game. You get to use a variety of firearms used in the early 20th century. It can be such a pain to shoot your enemies multiple times though, wondering if they are ever going to be dead from multiple gunshot wounds, especially with various machine guns. You don’t only get to fight on land, in one mission, you get to fight in the air in a fun dogfight against Japanese planes. However, I find it frustrating to control the piloting while trying to accurately shoot at things you are trying to shoot down at. Every mission can be challenging, although I can say it can be a good thing/bad thing. It can be frustrating, especially when playing the single player mission for the first time, where the missions can be repetitive. FPS is not my top genre, and I feel that the bad thing about it is that unlike third person type platforms you don’t get to see the enemy coming at you from behind or the sides as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you can easily tell if you unintentionally take a hit with a bullet or stab with a baton knife from the sides or the back. Therefore, the game can really make you think about being aware of your surroundings and having the proper tactics.

The game makes you feel like you yourself is in the war instead of playing the character. The score for the game is strong. It really feels like World War II type music when you listen to the music soundtrack during lengthy load times and viewing the cut scenes. I admire looking at the CG and gameplay cut scenes. Not only this game a first person shooter, but this game is also educational for any military history buff like myself. You get to learn many Historical events during World War II and its campaigns. The Directors Edition for MOH Pacific Assault has special features which shows a demonstration of the US Marine Corps, a short documentary called Path of Glory featuring WWII USMC vets who fought in the Pacific War, and The Making of the game. There is also a World War II timeline explaining the Pacific War campaigns giving you a crash course into WWII History.

Overall Medal of Honor Pacific Assault is a fun, challenging game. It’s the type of FPS game which I doubt you can get tired of fairly easily. MOH gives you a glimpse of learning World War II History and amazing storytelling. I highly recommend this game for PC users.