Great, Yet Not So Great.

User Rating: 7.5 | Medal of Honor Heroes 2 WII
You're reading this review because you want to know one more person's take on this new and interesting shooter for the Wii. Yup, we know it's absolutely nothing new in the sense of gameplay -- WWII shooters have been done to death -- but Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (MoHH2) is also being touted by many critics as having the very best console FPS controls to date.

Okay, well, forget what you've read before -- both good and bad -- the game's controls are good in the sense of how much customization you, the player, are afforded, but don't expect to jump right into the game and it give you the feeling of wielding a real gun. If you do as most folks have suggested and max out all the speed / sensitivity settings for the controls, and minimize the dead zone, you'll likely find yourself staring at either the ground or the sky when you first start playing. The controls are going to take some getting used to, and it may take a while before you find control settings that work just right for you.

That said, even when you've gotten the controls where you want them, you will still find that you can easily lose control. What I mean by that is, when, for instance, throwing a grenade, if you gesture too much with the Wii-mote, the sensor will misread your command and tell you to aim the remote back at the screen; by the time you catch your bearings you'll end up a victim of your own device if you've already pulled the pin on the grenade in order to cook it before tossing.

There are other such issues as well, and you'll have to learn to work around them. In the end, the controls, in my opinion, are nothing special. Fusion did their job and they don't really deserve special credit for that. The reason MoHH2 is such a big deal is because Fusion is one of the few developers, it seems -- outside of Nintendo's own studios -- that have seen fit to make a decent game for the Wii.

I do give props, however, to the development team for making the most out of what was likely a shoestring budget. There's no motion capturing apparent in the game, and character movements look ridiculously archaic for a $50 console game. The character models, too, are quite blocky and appear as though they could have been something from a late N64 title.

Those graphic issues aside, the background textures are fairly crisp and detailed, all but the water, which looks rudimentary at best. But what saves the graphics, ultimately, is the framerate, which is lightning fast. There is no noticeable difference in the frame rate online than that of the campaign mode gameplay. If you've got a good connection, online play is going to be a really smooth ride.

And that's where MoHH2 proves its mettle. It's a tad flawed, mainly due to a few minor glitches and a general lack of support, but MoHH2 is nothing short of uber addictive. If you enjoy fraggin', you'll lose many, many hours of your life to this game. It's mindless fun that true shooter fans will greatly enjoy. The hit detection and damage aren't realistic, but everything is balanced well. And though there are only a small handful of maps and options to choose from, there's more than ample opportunity to have continuous fun with this game.

If you're considering MoHH2 for any other reason than online, then I suggest considering it as a rental. If you're ready for online and can look past the games flaws, MoHH2 is a machine built to last.

EDIT: After spending yet more time with the game online, I just want to add a comment or two. The main thing I would like to mention is, due to laggy players online, you'll be forced to, most times, lead your shots. So, if the reticule is in red over an enemy, you'll have to shoot about one or two inches to the left or right (depending on which way they're moving) in order to actually get your shots on target. It's really weird and not very satisfying when you have otherwise good aim.

Another point I feel worth mentioning regards new glitches that have been cropping up. One particular glitch in the Port map, previously considered harmless, now seems to offer a possible sniping vantage point that could put other players at a disadvantage.

Anyway, these issues -- mainly the laggy players -- definitely put a damper on the experienece. I've still been having a good time with MoHH2, and I'm leanring to work around the game's problems, but for $50 I shouldn't have to.