The war has been won

User Rating: 8.9 | Medal of Honor Frontline (Platinum) PS2
Okay.. I'm not going to write a really big in depth review because I wrote about 100 of them and Gamespot deleted them all so I can't be bothered writing huge ones. Don't worry because my reviews can help you make the decision to get this game or not and if you already have this game don't read the bloody reviews just play the game. In my review I will write a little comment about the Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and Value of this game as well is a little conclusion at the end

Review of MEDAL OF HONOR: FRONTLINE for the playstation 2

Gameplay - A great challange. This game is hard and that makes it more fun to play. The controls have a couple of MINOR problems but that's no biggy. Great gameplay that is one of this games many great features.

Graphics - Up there with the best of the PS2. A contender for best PS2 war game graphics. Everything is just set out and looks awesome.

Sound - Absouloutely stunning! Perfect in everyway. The guns, the voices the.....EVERYTHING

Value - The game is of great length which makes the value very high. It's a great challange and it will be hard to finish this game.

Conclusion - A great war game and in my opinion it's Playstation 2's BEST that's right BEST first person shooter.

That was a poor review by Edge-o-Matic. It was bad but you can still recommend it.