It's not perfect, but it is still a great Medal Of Honor game that is well worth trying.

User Rating: 8 | Medal of Honor: European Assault PS2
I am thoroughly impressed by this game. I was realising after Rising Sun that the Medal of Honor series might fall apart. It lacked a lot of things that made MoH Frontline a perfect classic like Allied Assault. However, EA has returned with a great game and I can tell you that it is not disappointing at all.

The developers have taken a less linear approach with open levels where you can explore and unlock objectives. It works really well even though it can be frustrating when you search hard and you then decide that hidden objective comes later in the mission, only to discover that you missed a small spot, but that new feature does work well in this game and European Assault wouldn't be so good without it.

Now you can also control squads and heal them if they are in trouble so there is a bit of teamwork added here. The action is more intense than ever. The adrenaline mode is really cool. The gun sound effects keep you on the edge of your seat and makes it feel like you are really part of the action yourself. The aiming system is great since you can now peek over cover when you are crouching and aiming down your sights.

The graphics are not the best in this console, but that problem is easy to overlook. THe music in this game is phenomenal (I have been listening to some of the songs on youtube while I have been writing this review). We know that the other Medal of Honors had great soundtracks (even Rising Sun), but this game clearly outranks them all in that matter, except maybe MoH Frontline (probably because of some of its songs like "Arnhem Knights"). This is not music by Michael Giacchino, it is by Christopher Lennertz. You'd think that seeing that he only composed for ridiculous movies like 'Disaster Movie' and 'Meet the Spartans' that he had no potential in composing such astonishing music. He proved me wrong. There are such great songs in the soundtrack like The Main Theme, 'Road to Stalingrad' and even 'One man can make a difference'. Think of any war films that John Williams composed for and was nominated for an oscar, Lennertz would probably have 50% more votes than Williams in the oscar poll if this soundtrack was nominated at the academy awards.

MoH European Assault is one example of millions of 21st century video games that have music more original than ANY movie. Like MoH Frontline, the story is not realistic since you are an American fighting in Russia, Africa and all key points of Europe, but you don't fight alone this time. The narrating you hear during real life footage has words you hear the character veteran saying that can sometimes be touching. Each globe location starts with one highly graphically-detailed cutscene (pity PS2 cannot go that far in graphics) and shows a bit of explanation before the mission starts so you have an idea of what it will be like.

I won't give this more than an eight, because the game does get too hard since there are not many health packs, and the game is too short. But still, after these bad points, it is a great MoH game that is well worth trying by everybody. I know that Medal Of honor Airborne has been out a while ago, but if you're trying to look for a game listed in classics or somewhere, pick this one.