Ahhh. war is so fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Medal of Honor: European Assault XBOX
kidding, but MOH games rock it. this one happens to have a few flaws, but overall, a great BOX title when you're in a retro mood. here are the highlights and lowlights:

The Good:
- cool locations and stages. interesting, varied and of historical significance. anytime the russians get props for their willingness to run into the meat grinder that was the eastern front, a little justice is done. in the end, we all owe their millions of war dead a sincere "Thank you", or we'd be goose stepping today.
- looks good, if a bit soft in places.
- decent weapon action for its day.
- lose yourself for a good 11 or 12 hours. once you start, you'll want to skip work, going to the can, or talking to loved ones until you've won the war.
- difficulty is just right until the final stage. yeah they may be lacking morals, but these Nazis aren't pushovers.

The Bad:
- screen icons and HUD icons are a bit much. they detract from the 1943-45 feel.
- sound is a bit "third person" - detached. not bad, but not quite in your face enough.
- what the hell does a soldier have to do to kill the Boss in the final elevated concrete bunker showdown? i'm willing to grovel here. help me beat the ridiculously quick final clock and i'll be forever in your debt. i got to 99.99% complete!

The Summary: this is a great game. a classic, from a classic and worthwhile series. after a 20 year video game hiatus, it was games like this that drew me back into the time sucking vacuum that destroyed my Grade 13 math grades in the 80s. Galaga, Twin Eagle, you destroyed my future!