Great FPS...its intense

User Rating: 9.6 | Medal of Honor: European Assault XBOX
Great FPS...its intense
I have ony played two MoH games. This one and Frontline. They are really good though.
Intense and keeps you playing. The variety of gun categories is interesting. Maybe about 5 groups? not sure... There are a good amount of stages to keep you going, mostly because of the desire to beat all the side missions also. You get 3 allies that follow you everywhere. You heal them and yourself to keep going.
The graphics are pretty sweet. Not like the Xbox 360 but its good for the gamecube.
The sound makes you feel like your in a war. Constant shooting which makes the game really intense. Even constant cries of pains...yay!
Easy and simple to me

This is a really good game. So if your a FPS fan I suggest you check this game out.